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Mocho Lawn Care & Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance, Garner, NC

Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance Garner, NCA properly maintained landscape makes an entire property more appealing. A lush and green lawn, for example, will entice people to stay outdoors and have fun outdoor activities. It can also become the perfect place for great family bonding and social gatherings. Meanwhile, the flower gardens and topiary will also create a relaxing ambiance and beautiful scenery in the landscape. Well-maintained landscape features will also allow property owners to enjoy outdoor living. If you are excited to experience these benefits, make sure that you follow a carefully planned landscape maintenance program. This will ensure that all your landscape elements get their needed care at the right time and interval. However, doing all these things is time-consuming and even requires proper training to achieve positive results. You have to find other ways to enjoy these benefits without even lifting a finger. The best solution is to hire a professional maintenance firm like us to do the tasks.

Mocho Lawn Care and Landscaping has been helping residential and commercial property owners achieve lush and vibrant landscapes. We do this by offering a comprehensive maintenance program and top-quality services. Most of our satisfied clients come from Raleigh, Cary, Garner, Auburn, Apex, Clayton, Morrisville, Durham, Chapel Hill and Wake Forest, NC. We also have clients from other North Carolina cities who continue to hire us for their landscape maintenance needs. Call us at (919) 909-8354 so we can discuss further the reasons why we are the top service provider in the areas mentioned.

Lawn Care

Ensuring the healthy growth of the turf and other types of plantings is not an easy task. Aside from the time and effort that must be devoted to each lawn care task, in-depth knowledge of various maintenance methods and techniques is also required. There are also some specific tasks that require formal training and certifications like fertilizer and pesticide application.


There are different approaches to maintaining residential and commercial landscaping. Only experienced maintenance companies can guarantee the use of proven methods and correct approach. They will first determine the specific needs of the landscape before creating the maintenance program. The types of plantings will be considered as well as the hardscapes, water and fire features, wood elements, and other landscape installations. The inclusion of all features and amenities in the landscape maintenance plan will result in a great-looking landscape.

Lawn Maintenance

Some lawn maintenance tasks can be done in a DIY manner, but there are also tasks that must be performed only by certified landscapers. For example, mowing lawns, applying fertilizers, and using pre-emergent weed control solutions require special skills to perform the tasks correctly. But why worry about the proper procedures and techniques if you can just let professionals do the landscape maintenance job?

Lawn Service

Not all lawn service providers in North Carolina can provide the kind of service that we offer here at Mocho Lawn Care and Landscaping. Our service is highly personalized, and the workmanship that we offer is second to none. All properties that we maintain have clean and healthy lawns, beautiful gardens, and well-cared outdoor features and amenities. Please call us now and we’ll provide you with a free landscape maintenance quote.

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