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Mocho Lawn Care & Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance, Garner, NC

Hedge Trimming/Pruning

Hedge Trimming & Pruning Garner, NCAlmost all the properties in and around Apex, Smithfield, Fuquay-Varina and Durham have hedges and bushes. In some cases, these hedges act as a boundary for the property, while in others they may line the pathways, walkways and driveways to create a natural demarcation on the property. They also help protect flower beds and lawns from being trampled upon as they become a boundary wall for these features.

These hedges are plants and have to be looked after in much the same manner that you would look after any other plants on your property. Just as they require fertilizers, they also need to be trimmed and pruned on a regular basis. Not only does this keep the growth under control, which helps keep them healthy; but neatly-trimmed hedges adds to the beauty of the landscaping and gives it a manicured look.

Hedge Care Plans

We at Mocho lawn Care and Landscaping understand this and are experts in all types of landscaping jobs. We know what it takes to keep your landscape looking good and staying healthy right round the year. We have an expert team of horticulturists and landscapers that work in a very concerted manner to ensure that your landscape gets the care it needs.

While hedge pruning is a service that’s part of the overall landscape maintenance services, there are times when commercial property owners ask us to provide them standalone hedge trimming solutions and we do that too. You can choose from a range of hedge care packages. Our aim is to provide clients customized solutions that are right in line with their needs. We are the experts that work hard to provide customers value for money.

Benefits of Hedge Trimming

  • Improves Plant Quality- When the broken or weak branches are trimmed, the plants grow much better and keeps them healthy. When insect infested branches are trimmed, it helps protect the rest of the plant from getting infested as well.
  • Improves Growth-Rate- Bush & hedge trimming promotes new leaf growth. The water sprouts, fast-growing shoots and sucker growth is contained as the trimming controls that growth too.
  • Increases Longevity- When hedges are trimmed regularly, they live longer, compared to plants that aren’t trimmed at all.
  • Aesthetics- Unkempt landscapes tend to make your entire property look unattractive. When we trim hedges and other plantings on your property, the entire landscape starts looking neat and clean and this adds to the overall appearance of your property.
We are the experts that provide customized services and personalized attention to all our customers and ensure that the hedge care costs are very reasonable too. For any more information about the various landscaping services we provide, call Mocho lawn Care and Landscaping at this number- 919-909-8354. We serve commercial and residential customers across the region and work 6 days a week- Monday to Saturday right from 8am- till the job gets completed. With us, you are assured of the best services at the most cost-effective price points.