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Mocho Lawn Care & Landscaping, Lawn Maintenance, Garner, NC

Mulch & Sod

Mulch & Sod Garner, NCThe lawns on your commercial or residential property add to the aesthetics and functionality of the space. When these are well-maintained, you are more encouraged to use these outdoors spaces to relax in the company of family and friends. Having healthy and green lawns is a lot about maintaining them well. In this respect, mulching is a very important aspect. We at Mocho Lawn Care and Landscaping have handled a large number of sod installation and turf care projects for customers across Apex, Smithfield, Fuquay-Varina and Durham.

About Mulching

This is a highly specialized job and over the years, we have also built a very strong customer base in and around Raleigh, Holly Springs, Clayton, Cary and Wake Forest. Our customers know that with us handling the job, they will have lawn spaces that look great and are healthy. As part of the garden maintenance plans, we also mulch the lawns at regular frequency. Mulch is spread all over as well as around the roots of the grass on your lawns. As a matter of fact, it’s also spread around the base of all the other plants and trees.

Mulch could be made up of grass clippings, wood chips, straw-like pine bits, and sometimes, fine gravel too. These are all organic mulching methods and there is a distinct advantage to using this- It helps make the soil much richer. The good quality mulch we use breaks down very slowly over a period of time; this gives the grass and plantings a consistent supply of nutrients. However, organic mulch decomposes and we then replace it at regular intervals.

Mulching the ground also helps the soil retain moisture and acts as a protective layer above the ground. In fact, apart from having a distinct purpose, it also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the landscape as it gives it a very neat and finished look.

Sod Installation and Maintenance

When people think of having a garden on their property, they think of planting trees, shrubs and plants and very importantly, they want a good patch of lawn there too. It’s true that some turf on your property adds to the aesthetics and freshness and lends a very alive look and feel to the property. While it’s possible to grow a lawn using the hydroseeding method, most residential and commercial property owners now prefer to get sod installation.

This is pre-grown grass that is available in a roll or form or in squares. Since it has already grown to a certain height when it is installed, the process of getting a lawn on your property becomes easy and quick. The grass is strong and has already built a certain amount of immunity to disease. It’s like an instant lawn that you can start using soon after installation. We buy sod for all our projects from the most reputed and certified nurseries and this means there are fewer weeds in the sod and the grass is healthy too.

High grade sod and mulching services

If you are considering installing a lawn on your property, call us for the best sod installation services. We will also come and deweed, mulch and fertilize your landscaping as part of the landscape maintenance plans you choose.

For any more information about the various landscaping services we provide, call Mocho lawn Care and Landscaping at this number- 919-909-8354. We serve commercial and residential customers across the region and work 6 days a week- Monday to Saturday right from 8am- till the job gets completed.